Podcast with me talking: Interview with Liberated Body

Body Maps and Interoception Click below for an interview I did with the wonderful Brooke Thomas. Brooke runs the Liberated Body website: ‘Liberated Body is 100% in service of helping people to reduce or eliminate pain, normalize range of motion, and embrace their body’s full potential by returning it to the happy, fully functional, badass

Rethinking Pain

There is lots of great new science around pain. The central message is that persistent pain is a more about a learned reflex in your nervous system and is not about the tissues – even if there are X-rays showing arthritis or MRI’s showing tears. Chronic pain nearly always involves unconscious habit, meaning and emotion,

Dissociation, Body Maps, and Pain

I tend to describe the failure to inhabit the body as dissociation. There are a whole continuum of responses, from complete withdrawal/ catatonia (this is what the psychiatrists focus on) to the inability to feel your toes. Frequently in cranial work I notice people are working from incomplete body maps, for example often a limb