New look site and update on my practice

Welcome to my new improved site! It looks pretty much like the old one, but this blog page is new and the back ground features are much sharper. I will be adding articles and things that interest me every so often. Let me know if there is anything about cranial or chiropractic that you would like to hear about.

Geneva Brass Plaque

I am registered as a chiropractor in the UK. I still use skills I learnt as chiropractor to treat and diagnose, but most of my treatments are biodynamic craniosacral therapy. I treat in London once a month and Geneva on average two weeks a month (a treatment room in Geneva and my first ever brass plaque, also from Geneva, are shown above). The rest of my time I feel lucky to teach cranial work and, increasingly, TRE. Teaching cranial work has taken me all over the world in the last few years. Currently I am involved in courses in Vancouver, Ireland, Switzerland and hopefully getting a course going in Oslo – see I also blog on cranial work at

TRE – tension and trauma releasing exercises – has been a really exciting discovery. For my TRE related activity go to TRE is a wonderful self regulating tool to help recovery from overwhelming events or just to ease chronic tension patterns. I run a TRE group in North London once a month.

I look forward to working with you

cheers  Steve